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What's On My Vanity // Lano Lips // 101 Ointment // Rose Hand Cream // Tinted Lip Balm // Beauty Essentials: To Style, With LoveHello lovely readers!! IT’S 20FREAKING17!!! Can you believe it, we are officially embarking on a brand new year and I must say I am grateful. 2016 was a great year but it definitely had its bumps in the road and I don’t know about you all but I am totally ready for a fresh start. What fresher a way to start than with some new amazing beauty products and a new little series called “On My Vanity” where I will be showing you all just that, what is new on my vanity! You all know I am a makeup fanatic (and possible hoarder of makeup) so I love to get my hands on something that I actually really really like. I am huge on lip balm and I hope that you are right here with me. I think that people underestimate the necessity of lip balm but I keep one in my bathroom, on my vanity, and always in my handbag. Chapped lips are not fun, they can make you irritated, uncomfortable and your entire appearance seem dry and flaky. In recent years many brands have begun to make tinted lip balms in the effort to make your lipstick and lip balm one and I think that was a superb idea. Although, if your lips have started to get cracked and develop cuts then it would be better to visit a website like this https://quantumhealth.com/shop/category/oral-care, for natural lip ointment to help soothe and eliminate the problem.What's On My Vanity // Lano Lips // 101 Ointment // Rose Hand Cream // Tinted Lip Balm // Beauty Essentials: To Style, With LoveNow, on to what’s on my vanity…Lano Lips. You may have seen this dreamy little brand popping up on the likes of Net-A-Porter, Ulta Beauty or even Free People and the products are as good as they are cute. I was obviously drawn the cute pastel and gold appearance of the products and we all know that there is no better advertising than a good product. Whilst that is true, beauty brands do have to make sure they are investing in good advertising and marketing to help them get more popularity. As there are so many beauty brands out there these days, it’s so important that upcoming brands try and set themselves apart from the crowds with the help of marketing. Most small businesses will normally look to search engine optimization for this, especially since most people shop online nowadays. By contacting an agency like Victorious, these small brands could benefit from increased online visibility and more website traffic, helping them to sell more products. Perhaps this brand should consider that too. Their products are great, so more people should know about them!

Their classic product being their 101 Ointment a multipurpose superbalm and it has become my new favorite chapstick sitting front row on my little vanity tray to be grabbed and used at any occasion. Along with this Lano Lips has also ventured into a tinted lip balm that is basically a lip gloss with hydrating features. Lastly because we obviously had to try the lot is their rose hand cream. I love anything rose, it just gives such a romantic feeling and this cream is perfect for a little on the go moisture with a fantasy filled smell.What's On My Vanity // Lano Lips // 101 Ointment // Rose Hand Cream // Tinted Lip Balm // Beauty Essentials: To Style, With Love

Rose Hand Cream // Tinted Lip Balm in Nude // 101 Ointment

?special thanks to Lano Lips for keeping me creamy and smooth?

xx Daphne

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