It’s called Vamp not Werewolf..

Vamp Lips: To Style With Love

Fall Makeup Trends: To Style With Love

Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Blackberry

Since the 2008 resurgence of the vampire trend all things vamp have been very trendy.  This is not particularly the vamp that I am talking about, so don’t start running in to the forest trying to find a sparkling man.  I’m talking about the IT lipstick color of the season, something of a burgundy, oxblood or even blackberry.  While most women are often hesitant to wear bold lip colors the vamp lip works on almost everyone of every skin tone.  It’s a bold yet subtle look, perfect for any upcoming holiday festivities you may be attending.  If you want to play up the drama of the vamp lip you can pair yours with a smokey eye or some gold and glittery eyeshadow (perhaps the stila metal foil eyeshadow) or if you want to keep things simple leave the eye bare and only wear a nice black cat eye to open up the eyes.  Which ever way you choose the vamp look will be an exciting change to your makeup routine this fall.

xx Daphne

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