The Fall Accessories I NEED (want) | Right Now

Fall – La – La – La!  Fall is officially here and I am enjoying my first real fall in my entire life.  I grew up in Los Angeles and Miami so I never really knew about the leaves turning colors and the crisp feeling in the air except for the occasional trip to visit a friend or vacation but that was only a taste of the real thing.  Since I am residing in D.C. This fall I am getting an overwhelming heap of the real deal and damn does it get chilly out here!  I have been in pure shock of the cold so of course that meant that I needed to do some Fall shopping and I thought I would share with you babes what I found.  Here are the Fall accessories I N E E D right now.  I mean its practicality right?  If I don’t buy the Givenchy scarf I’ll get cold – then I’ll get sick – and so on and so forth.  It’s really actually a necessity.

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xx Daphne

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