Psychedelic Sunnies..

Sunnies: To Style With Love

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that the sun can’t shine like it’s July. Here in Los Angeles, it can look like it’s about 85 degrees and actually be 65 outside ( the sun is trying to trick us into going to the beach). The days of sunglasses being strictly for shielding your eyes from the lasers sent down by the aliens who live on the sun are long gone, sunglasses are not even only worn when it’s sunny anymore (see Kanye West or Anna Wintour for examples) they are simply a fashion statement. That is why wearers pop over to websites like so they can browse collections and stock up on their precious sunnies.

Now that we have all decided its the 60’s and 70s and mod is IN, it’s time to update our collection of retro sunglasses. Try searching your mom and grandma’s closets for vintage treasures but also try searching Net-A-Porter and the like for new treasures that you can pass down to your granddaughter when the 2014’s and 2015’s are trendy. So what will you have? Sunglasses covered with fur or glitter? Maybe look like a 60s pinup girl in red and white polka dot cat eyes or maybe you just want to look like Jane Birkin in some HUGE round sunnies. Don’t forget to wear your shades at a party, dinner or some public event to try out the Yeezus effect!

WARNING: Not all sunnies look just perfect on every face shape! Do some research and find out which ones are best for you to avoid a fash-girl’s worst nightmare

Retro Sunglasses: To Style With Love


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