Mia and Fiah..

I never realized how much I would adore this girl, or as I like to call her “my little danish muffin.”  Having her here in LA for two weeks has been amazing and I am…

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Gimmie Gimmie

Come one, Come all..

Come one, come all to the carnival, this makes me think of Melanie Martinez’s song Carousel… oh right I was blogging.  You are never too old to go to the carnival, an arcade or really…

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On My Vanity

It’s A Mad Mad World..

  Somedays you just need a little music to perk you up.  What can I say I am one in a billion victims of feelings!  I reject them but they seem to creep up and…

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I Am Not Too Short For That..

Midi Skirts are huge right now, but I have always secretly thought to myself “you are too short for that.”  Guess what! You’re not too short for that!  I know I know, contain your excitement.…

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When It’s Grey in LA..

  Oh I am so happy that it is finally starting to cool off here in LA.  The sky has been grey and it even rained for an entire day last week.  This sounds silly…

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Nasty Gal fans head over to Melrose..

  Calling all Nasty Gal fans to Melrose!  It’s official Nasty Gal has opened their very first store front right here in the heart of Los Angeles on Melrose, across from Fred Segal and just…

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