Gimmie Gimmie


  You know it is just simply fun to say “twosies!”  Twosies is just another cute and fun way to say co-ords or matching separates if you will.  If you haven’t figured this out yet,…

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On My Vanity

Borrowed From A Boy

Okay so borrowed could be switched out for “stole” but, it is NOT stealing when you intend on giving the item in question back and you borrow form someone whom you know quite well.  Haha…

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Soooo Cyber..

Ok, it’s time to have a serious chat about a trend you have probably heard of but, in turn thought what the h*** is that!  Its Cyber, sooo cyber.  Cyber is a trend started by…

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Rip em’ Up!

Kids these days and their ripped jeans, am I right?  Just kidding.. but, of course I am a huge fan of ripped boyfriend jeans or just ripped denim in general.  It makes our mother’s exclaim…

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Magnificent Metallic..

  Bang! Bang! Fizz! Pop! Pow!  I feel like I am Veronica or Betty or maybe even Super Woman!  I know what you’re all thinking… this girl is crazy and probably has ADD.  No wrong…

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