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On My Vanity: Sonya Dakar Organic Omega Booster // Beauty Review // Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Daphne Blunt: To Style, With Love

Hello my loves!  Let’s see what is on my vanity today shall we.  It is none other than the well known line of Sonya Dakar, specifically the Sonya Dakar Organic Omega Booster that I am dying for these last few weeks and just had to share with you all (as usual) the products that are making me swoon.  I have known of Sonya Dakar for as long as I have known what skin care was because both my parents have used Sonya products for as long as I can remember.  My mother is a ride or die for the Eyeposuction treatment and my father an avid user of the Red Grapefruit cleanser, so Sonya Dakar’s products are always around my house.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the line let me clue you in a bit on what you’ve been missing out on.  About 3o years ago Sonya Dakar started the idea of producing skin care by blending natural botanical with the latest non-invasive sciences to provide luxury skin care products.  And viola, Sonya Dakar set herself and her brand apart from all the rest at the time and established her clinic as a household name.  Here we are 30 some years later still using her products and loving them more than ever!

Now let’s talk about the Organic Omega Booster, my latest obsession.  The boosting serum facial oil is meant to nourish and hydrate the skin with rich Omega 3,6 and 9!  It is meant to leave the skin with “an undeniable luminosity and exquisite softness.  It comes in two different formulas, one for dry/sensitive skin and the other for oily/combination (I have oily – combination skin incase anyone was wondering).  Not only is it organic so you know that that everything that you are putting on your face is the top of line and skin safe but it is also paraben free which for me is something very important to lookout for when shopping for skin care as I have incredibly sensitive skin and the lightest impurity can throw my whole face out of whack.  Okay, enough of the technical stuff let me tell you my thoughts about the product since I started to use it.  I can say with confidence that the  G L O W provided by the Sonya Dakar Organic Omega Booster is unlike that that any highlighter can give you!  But I am talking about that real, raw and natural glow — you know the one that only Victoria’s Secret Model’s seem to be able to achieve,well this must be their secret because this baby works!  Not only am I glowing but my skin has beenleft soft and fresh as a baby’s bum or maybe like a soft and fluffy cloud, maybe a mix of the two, angel wings?  Hmmm, something like that!  I think you get the point lol.  Well I could ramble on and on about skin care and Sonya Dakar for days but I will leave you there with my final thoughts on the product.

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On My Vanity: Sonya Dakar Organic Omega Booster // Beauty Review // Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Daphne Blunt: To Style, With Love

Sonya Dakar Organic Omega Booster

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