As The Night Changes..

Night Changes: To Style With Love

Yes, I did title this after a song from One Direction’s new album 4… don’t judge, that song is freakin good!   If you truly listen to the words of it you might even be able to relate.  Even just the title is relatable “as the night changes.”  It could apply to so many different areas of your life, or if you are a very literal person perhaps it just refers to the sun going down each night and rising in the morning, whatever floats your boat mate.  Now that I am 17 I feel like I am truly growing up and I am beginning to experience things for the first time.  First date, first love, first heartbreak, first time on a plane alone, first time out of the country..ALONE,  first drivers license, first car, first time getting ready to leave home.  There are so many firsts even though I feel like I am getting “old” my life is really only just beginning.  As a young person it’s often hard to recognize these facts because we hear people tell us similar things every single day but upon pausing and realizing that my time at home is running out and that in only the blink of an eye everything will be different.  With the holidays upon us I just want to take a breath and pause for a moment to enjoy my time and my life instead of worrying about the next thing on and on and allowing my brain to overload!  Time moves on and so do people, but I am a true believer of everything happening for a reason.   So today I am gonna take a breath, put on a smile and move forward with my life at an even and steady pace because life is not a race (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it).

Zara Skort: To Style With Love

As The Night Changes: To Style With Love

As The Night Changes: To Style With Love

Skort: Zara    Top: Intermix    Shoes: ASOS    Jacket: Vintage Levis
xx Daphne

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