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Miu Miu: To Style, With Love

*Turn up your volume to go for a little ride in my time machine with me…

One thing we have here in southern California are certain parts of town that imbibe and embody an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia.  Nostalgia for old hollywood and the stars that once roamed paraded around in convertible Chevy’s and Mercedes.  They  left their mark all over our city and the best part is that in a few spots you can still feel the glamor of 1955.  One of our most prized stops is the Beverly Hills Hotel, I have been lucky enough to grow up just a stones throw away from the landmark and make a place I would dare to even call home.  Everything about it from the pink walls to the notorious green sign and of course the polo lounge just exudes luxurious vintage vibes.  So today to pay my respects to the beautiful hotel in the spring I put on my finest retro gear, thanks to Miu Miu, and took a little stroll down memory lane.

Miu Miu: To Style, With Love

Miu Miu: To Style, With Love

Spring Wardrobe: To Style, With Love

Spring Outfit Ideas: To Style, With Love

Skirt: Antipodium     Sweater: Miu Miu     Shoes: RED Valentino     Sunglasses: Miu Miu

xx Daphne 

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