Maybelline New York | #MNYConcealer

Hello you lovely readers you!  I am quite excited to share this post/video with you all today.  This is my very first actual makeup tutorial!  I teamed up with Maybelline New York for their #MNYConcealer campaign to show you all how I hack my concealer in a few different ways.  With the wave of the Kardashians and crazy makeup artists building insane careers on Instagram, highlighting and contouring have become an insane craze and I am totally one on the bandwagon.  I love beauty, makeup and everything of the like so here today using all of my favorite Maybelline New York concealers I am showing you a few different ways to highlight and contour the night away!  So please sit back, relax and take a peek at my first ever makeup tutorial!  I hope that you all enjoy it and that this is one of many to come!  Don’t forget to share how you “hack” your Maybelline concealer by using the #MNYConcealer on Instagram and follow me here for much more to come!

Maybelline Concealers Featured:

A special thanks to Maybelline New York for making this post possible!

xx Daphne

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