I Love You Lemons

For Love and Lemons: To Style, With Love

No these photos were not taken in the summer, they were taken in our blessed California winter where the sun still shines and everyone thinks that it is freezing if its 59 degrees outside.  Not only do I have an affinity for lace, I also have an affinity for off the shoulder anything.  The weather has been just right that I could break out some sun dresses early this year, to add to the look I added a floppy hat, ya know to shade my precious eyes from the sun, and to give it a bit of edge my favorite Balenciaga booties.  On another note, the brand I am sure you are coming to know quite well, For Love and Lemons, is becoming incredibly popular.  Having been seen on almost every upcoming starlet, editors and models alike they are definitely a brand to continue to watch.

Beverly Hills: To Style, With Love

Balenciaga Boots: To Style, With Love
Dress: For Love and Lemons     Hat: Topshop     Boots: Balenciaga

xx Daphne 

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