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Longines welcomes Ambassador of Elegance Kate Winslet to Saint-Imier: To Style, With Love

Longine is one of the brands that everyone knows, even if you’re unsure of how you have heard the name you know it in the back of your mind not unlike the names Chanel, Cartier, Rolex or Christian Dior.  The name alone, Longine, brings to the mind thoughts of timeless elegance, grace, chicness, heritage and beauty.  To own a Longine watch is one of the amazing investment pieces everyone, male or female, longs to own and once you own one you have a timeless piece for life.  It’s simple the only way to describe it, pure elegance.  The Swiss watchmaker’s were recently delighted to add Kate Winslet to it’s roster of brand ambassadors as their Elegance Ambassador.

*Pause for a moment to hear My Heart Will Go On and any other favorite Titanic moments*

Kate, the Oscar winning little starlet ✨ visited the Longines Museum in Saint-Imier Switzerland where she was able to select a watch to be reissued for the benefit of the Golden Hat Foundation.  The idea of the endless elegance alone is exciting, to think about going through books with decades of beautiful and timeless designs and getting to select one to be put back into production, at least to me, this literally sounds like a dream come true.  I picture myself in all beige and nude toned Celine with an oversized hat, some matching gloves (even though it’s not cold, just for dramatic effect), maybe a mole right above my upper lip and of course an oversized Chanel bag to go along with my effortless French girl yet incredibly chic little look.  I dont know, just one of my fantasies!  I always picture events based on the grandiose outfit that I would wear.

Longines welcomes Ambassador of Elegance Kate Winslet to Saint-Imier: To Style, With Love

Katie Kate ended up choosing the Longines DolceVita watch to be put back into production for the year with ALL of the proceeds going towards The Golden Hat Foundation.  The Golden Hat Foundation has spontaneously been supported by Longines after being incredibly inspired by Kate who is in fact the co founder of the foundation.  The Golden Hat Foundation seeks to highlight the capabilities and the immense potential of individuals with autism.  It’s goal is to highlight that those with autism are not disabled but they are truly abled and providing opportunities around the world to those who never thought that they would have them.  An amazing charity and an amazing brand, you simply can not go wrong.

Read more about the campaign for Longines x The Golden Hat Foundation here

xx Daphne 

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine to spread the word about the amazing partnership between Longines and The Golden Hat Foundation.