Over My Comme des Garcon..


Fall Outfit: To Style With Love

Let’s Play… In Play by Comme des Garcon of course!  These early fall days are upon us and day to day I never know if it’s going to be hot or cold (the weather just can not make up its mind) so overalls are the perfect solution.  Layered underneath is my little obsession of Play by Comme des Garcon t-shirts — I became obsessed with these over the summer and so DUH, when I was in London I hit up Dover Street Market for some goodies, my mom couldn’t help but fall in love too and we ended up buying 10 different shirts between the two of us!  I love the character that each little red heart patch with watching eyes adds to the clothing and it makes incorporating bright colored accessories very simple.  It is also a recognizable logo without being obnoxious like wearing a giant metal belt buckle with a Gucci or Louis Vuitton logo.  Thank goodness it doesn’t yell “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME.”  Alright well I’m off to the playground, happy recess everyone!

Overalls and Stripes: To Style With Love

Overalls: To Style With Love

Comme de Garcon: To Style With Love

Fall Outfit: To Style With Love
Tops: Comme des Garcon   Overalls: ASOS    Shoes: Prada(similar here)    Bag: Prada    Jewelry: (bracelets) Henri Bendel  (earrings) Vintage (ring) Tiffany & Co.
xx Daphne


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