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Jane Cosmetics: To Style, With Love

As a true girly girl I have that age old obsession with all things beauty and makeup.  Jane Cosmetics sent me a special little surprise that they are testing the waters with called “Look In A Box.”  The name itself is pretty self explanatory, it’s a cute little box with all the things you need inside to create a specific look.  Often when it comes to high fashion, some like to think outside of the box. But, at Jane Cosmetics, they decided it’s what’s inside that counts.  So they introduced Fast Fashion “Look In A Box,”  with four uniquely different looks that are sure to appeal to any style-setter. This one happens to be botanical, Botanical Babe, themed with warm tones and the perfect berry lip inside. The Botanical Babe makes hippie look chic.  She’s known for being colorful—in both wardrobe and personality.  She can glam it up one moment and go au-natural, the next.  She’s incredibly fashion-forward, but has a soft spot for all things vintage.  She knows how to mix it up, have a little fun, but still stay true to her own unique sense of style.  The best part is that you can get all of this for only $20 at JaneCosmetics.com!

Jane Cosmetics: To Style, With Love

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xx Daphne 

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