I Woke Up Like This..

slip dress, I woke up like this, night out

Is the human race getting lazier and lazier or are we just getting exceedingly more clever?  Day by day people are looking for an “easier” way to do things from makeup and wardrobe to making a cup of coffee.  And now wearing your pajamas out in the world is even on trend.  Last spring we saw pajama sets being worn on the runways and now its time to slip into a chemise (or keep on the one you slept in) and head out for the night.

Although our wardrobes are already expanding on the daily we now have a whole new category of wardrobe to add to our weekend checklist.  I mean come on, you know how good you look in that new Stella Mccartney slip, so throw it on this weekend with some heels, an oversized blazer or maybe a duster jacket, grab a whimsical clutch and don’t forget some statement earrings and head out for a look that really says “I woke up like this”.

Don’t Forget, tousle your hair with some texturizing spray for that one last “I woke up like this” touch.

Stella Mccartney Whispering Chemise $250

Zara Long Blazer $99

Sophia Webster Lola Leather Pumps $345

Rue Gembon Eliza Rose Earrings $55

ONE by ashlyn’d Sally Clutch  $407