How to make your instagram visually appealing

Instagram: To Style, With LoveInstagram has proven to be today’s most popular mode of social media. I myself end up checking my Instagram about 10-20 times a day!  Something about your own little personal space of photos to display your going ons and happenings has made our society quite obsessive.  But what makes a good or bad instagram?  Well the photos of course.  Having good photos, a theme, and cohesive color scheme might sound absurd and like far too much work to put in to a little board of photos, but putting this much time and effort into your Instagram can really pay off.  When someone looks at your Instagram and sees a cohesive grid of nice looking photos they are more likely to follow, like and be engaged in your following.  With that note let’s get started in Instagram 101.

Instagram: To Style, With Love

Pick a filter any filter:

Some of the prettiest looking Instagram’s have a cohesive filter throughout the profile.  With Instagram’s new features for editing you can decide how much of a filter you want to put on your photo.  For  my Instagram I use the filter Aden, even if it’s just a little bit.  I like to add a soft and subtle pink tint to all of my photos to give my Instagram a more romantic feeling.  Some people choose an entirely black and white theme on their Instagrams which gives off a very vintage and classic vibe.

Instagram: To Style, With Love

I am a big believer in editing your photos!  Now I am not talking about editing in the perfect thigh gap and hourglass shape, but adjusting the lighting and shadows can really make a photo pop!  It is soooo worth while to invest in a few good editing apps.  My favorites are Afterlight and VSCOcam.

Afterlight: To Style, With LoveVSCO Cam: To Style, With Love

To Whitegram or NOT to Whitegram:

Adding a border to your photo can be quite tempting, but in my eyes adding a border is a big commitment. I think that an Instagram as a whole looks better if either all of the photos have borders or none of the photos have borders.Instagram: To Style, With Love

So now you’re asking, “but what if I have a photo that doesn’t fit in to the square?”  Well I do have a solution for this that I think looks much better than a white border.  Using the app Instasize you can use your photo as the border and get a much more modern and interesting look than just a white border.Instagram: To Style, With Love

 Filter first please:

If you really want to add a white border to your Instagram there is one thing I ask of you.  Please put that filter on before you add the border!  A white border is crisp and polished looking, but an off orange just shows the world that you like to use some heavy filters… not cute.

Instagram: To Style, With Love

I’m Interesting, Look at Me!

Your bio should express who you are, this can be simple or it can be tricky.  I like to switch up my bio usually with a quote or clever saying of some sort just to let people get an initial feel for my personality right from the start. My quote is a Lana Del Rey quote to add to the romantic vibe I want on my page.  Then I put the boring stuff – you know contact email, blogger, actress etc.

Instagram: To Style, With Love

Alrighty you lovely human beings!  These are my top tips for making your Instagram more visually appealing.  You might be saying “WOW, this girl is way too OCD” or “OMG this girl is a prophet of the Instagramitorial spirit.”  Either way the most important thing is that YOU love your Instagram.  If you’re happy then I am happy!

xx Daphne

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