Hello Sunshine!

Hello Soaps: To Style, With Love

As a girl or really a human being I have a thing for all things freakin cute!  Various little objects shaped like cupcakes, beaded bracelets with my name on them, pink polaroid cameras or puppies in pink dresses.  I swoon when I see these things, I squeal when I see these things..how could I resist?  So when I saw these adorable soaps from Hello Sunshine in the shapes and scents of all of my favorite desserts I couldn’t resist.  Hello Sunshine soaps speaks to my heart and make perfect gifts (for myself)!  Hello Sunshine soaps range from cute pink little donuts to mini cakes and cookies and even some candy corn for the holiday season.  So which one’s will you choose?  A macaroon?  A meringue?  The options are endless!

Hello Soaps: To Style, With Love

Mini Cupcake      Mini Donut      Macaroon

A special thanks to Hello Sunshine!  Shop more here

xx Daphne