The Old Part of Hollywood..


Oh Old Hollywood how I do love thee.  Your streets were once filled with starlets dressed to the nines and down the road and up in the hills old school movie producers and directors sipped martinis next to the pool.  I don’t mean to be such a romantic but something about those old buildings just gives me a sense of magic in the air.  When frolicing through the streets of Old Hollywood one must wear an appropriate frock to pay homage to the history that once took place there.  As a fan of matching separates I wore this kind of pinstriped skirt and matching top with my new Zara booties (honestly I’ve worn them almost everyday since I bought them) and my treasured bi-color Celine Luggage bag.  I do have one question however.. how come all the chairs in Old Hollywood are so yummy looking?  Hmmmmm, I’m going to have to sit on that one (get it, sit on that one!)

* Please note it is appropriate to listen to Lana Del Rey while reading this article

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hollywood tower roof top chess

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Hollywood Tower

Top: BCBGeneration   Skirt: BCBGeneration   Boots: Zara   Bag: Celine   Sunglasses: Miu Miu(similar)   Jewelry: (necklace) dogeared (bracelet) Cartier (watch) vintage rolex (ring) Tiffany & Co
xx Daphne