Giddyup Cowboy: The Western Trend



Howdy Partner..okay I’m done with the cliche “cowboy slang.”  Fall is officially creeping up behind us and so that means I need to stock up on cashmere sweaters and new boots.  It just so happens that one of this fall’s biggest trends is western wear.  We’re heading back to our roots (at least my grandparents roots) and slinging up our saddles only this time instead of a saddle were slinging a 3000 dollar sheepskin chanel bag with a sheriffs pin on our shoulders.

People often say that art imitates life but so does fashion.  The fashion world takes it cues from everything around it whether it’ taking hints from at an Equestrian center in connecticut or looking at the walls of the met for interesting brush strokes, the industry is watching everything going on around it.  And as crazy clothing-obsessed “fashion girls” we go running to department stores to buy big belt buckles and fringe jackets.  We once would have looked at the girls competing at the rodeo and thought to ourselves that we would never consider putting on a western belt and cowgirl boots but if theres a tiny chanel logo on the heel were sold on the trend in seconds.  Im not going to lie I may have found myself  in awe outside the windows of chanel and then shortly after I magically ended up with a shopping bag that contained a wonderful blue suede belt with a rustic looking chanel buckle… oops.

A lesson to be learned here is that if you go through many different phases like I have growing up, keep everything (I’m kicking myself for purging all of my now trendy horseback riding gear)!  You never know when it might come in style and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Yeehaw..oops i just couldn’t help myself.

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