Fresh As A Daisy


Being a blogger certainly has it’s very very lucky benefits, let’s just say “I’m waaay up I feel blessed.”  I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself you all know that I am always one for a cheesy pun or corny lyric here and there.  This week I got lots of new beauty products to share with you guys and I happen to of already been a fan of Fresh Cosmetics!  So when I received a little goodie box to share with all of my internet best friends I was simply over the moon.  Fresh is known for its natural ingredients, rich textures, and addictive scents Fresh offers a full sensory experience for a lavish treat from you for yourself!  I must say that the Fresh Rose Face Mask was added to my top shelf in my bathroom of my favorite beauty products.  A light pink-red gel with real rose petals mixed in is absolutely perfect for a spa night or just relaxing in a tub full of bubbles by yourself.  And, I was already a fan of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment so I am all stocked up now with a set of three in each color!  Have you loves tried Fresh Cosmetics before, what is your favorite Fresh product?


A special thanks to Fresh Cosmetics for all the Goodies 🌻

 xx Daphne

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