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For Love & Lemons: To Style, With Love

I probably could have gone to a festival in this look but instead I chose to stay home.  I could probably go to a festival in pretty much anything from For Love & Lemons!  But whenever you are all dressed up there is a fantastic opportunity to take some outfit photos and share my personal style with all of you lovely readers!  I have quite the thing for For Love & Lemons as I am sure that many of you all do.  Something about the brand just screams that “cool girl” vibe we all wish to embody.  You know what I mean, just effortlessly beautiful in a flowy dress running through a field of daisies with a flower crown on and it doesn’t even look BASIC!  Ugh I must say that is the dream!  For Love & Lemons makes me feel like I am one tiny step closer to accomplishing it too, thanks for helping me to accomplish the dream!

Just a little update on me and my life for you dolls!  I am back home from Denmark and I will have been for about 3 days by the time that you all are reading this.  I just simply needed a little vacay for myself to see my really close friends and traveling always makes for some beautiful blog content too, so you see it was a business expenditure lol.  After two weeks there I had to come home for some meetings involving my other passion, acting.  Anyhow I am also moving to a new house and that means a new room and dressing room to decorate so look forward to some new content all about interior decoration!

Festival Inspiration: To Style, With Love

Spring/Summer Festival Wear: To Style, With Love

For Love & Lemons: To Style, With Love

Missguided Fringe Jacket: To Style, With Love

For Love & Lemons: To Style, With Love

Dress: For Love & Lemons      Jacket: Missguided      Shoes: Sofie Schnoor     Hat: H&M      

xx Daphne

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