Mia and Fiah..

Fie Laursen: To Style With Love

I never realized how much I would adore this girl, or as I like to call her “my little danish muffin.”  Having her here in LA for two weeks has been amazing and I am so glad to have made such a lovely new friend.  Fie Laursen also happens to be my first friend who is an established blogger in fact scandinavia’s top blogger, see fielaursen.dk. If you are a blogger you know that your friends are tired of you asking them to take photos of you and stopping in front of eclectic store fronts for photo ops.  That is why it works out to make friends with other bloggers because they also want to spend the entire day shopping, blogging, taking photos and telling people my name is Mia and that I too am from Denmark and speaking the three sentences of Danish that I know.  I miss her already (she left today) but it’s only three weeks until she is back in town and then only a few more until I am going to Denmark myself, I can’t wait to see all of the snow!

Hollywood Blvd: To Style With Love

Los Angeles: To Style With Love

 xx Daphne aka Mia