What is Primer and Do We Need It?

Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer: To Style, With Love

A lot of people skip using primer and I usually find it is because they don’t really know what primer is for.  As a self proclaimed beauty guru lol I am here to save the day and let you in on what primer is, your welcome.  Makeup primer is something that you put on all over your face before you put on your makeup to 1) protect your skin and 2) help your makeup last all day long!  To be honest though if we’re really going to delve in to primer here…that is not all that it does!  If you have a great primer, like my new favorite by Dermalogica, hydra blur primer, it can affect the way that your makeup even goes on.  Leave it to one of my favorite skincare brands, Dermalogica, to perfect the makeup primer.  When putting on Dermalogica’s hydra-blur primer it leaves your skin with a velvety matte finish while blurring lines and dark spots so that your foundation goes on even more effortlessly and evenly than ever!  Your skin is going to feel even BETTER than a baby’s bum!

A special thanks to Dermalogica!  

xx Daphne

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