Denmark Diary #1

Denmark: To Style, With LoveHej! Velkommen!  Jeg elsker dig!  Tak! Okay that’s about all the Danish I know.  It’s interesting being in a foreign city where you have absolutely NO IDEA what anyone around you is saying.  Thank goodness for my friend Fie to be right by my side at all times to translate.  People probably think I am pretty snobby and rude because when anyone says something to me I just look to her like a lost bird or a baby to it’s momma, like “help me”  and completely ignoring whomever asked me the question.

But, so far my time in Denmark has been quite enjoyable other than the fact that I am a so-cal sunshine kinda gal and its 30 degrees and snowing here.  I certainly have too thin of skin for that kind of weather, oh and did I mention freezing cold rain.  But in a sense it is quite refreshing to be in a cold climate since I am so used to fairly pleasant weather most of the time.  And also I don’t so much have to worry about being suffocated by the LA smog out in Denmark.  So far we have just been going out to see the town, shopping of course, and trying to get over jet-lag.  But today is the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Week so get ready cuz here we go.

Copenhagen: To Style, With LoveDenmark: To Style, With Lovecopenhagen2copenhagen4

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xx Daphne