Denim Shorts: Pros and Cons



Denim shorts… this is a subject I struggle with, especially lately with their trendy resurgence I have been very torn as to whether or not I should purchase a pair.  I know, can you believe that?  I do not own a pair of denim shorts, one of the most common elements of really anyones wardrobe.  I have myself in a constant battle with this particular garment.  You see if worn incorrectly you can come off as well a very basic or very promiscuous girl.  I recently found myself on a rant about all the stylish women such as Alexa Chung and Miroslava Duma who wear denim shorts and look amazing but how others have somewhat ruined them for me.

There are many things in life that eventually get “ruined” such as certain songs when they become overplayed, or when you find out that your favorite actress is somewhat  witchy, and for me one of those things is denim shorts.  They have become the uniform of many girls that I know.  They wear their shorts paired with a flannel shirt around the waist, low cut crop top and some form of biker boots. This type of girl is not one with a fashion identity and I refuse to be one of those girls.  She is one who just goes with whatever is in the windows of certain unnamed stores and figures that must be what she should be wearing whether it flatters her or not.

On the other hand is a stylish and knowledgeable young woman who pairs her denim shorts with a loose button up and blazer or a peter pan collared sweater and pointed toe pumps.  When I look at these girls I think to myself “man, I had better run and get a pair of those!”  These women are more rare and do not dominate my thoughts when I think of denim shorts.  But I can imagine myself being this girl looking chic and put together rather than just sticking to the status quo (please note my High School Musical reference).

I think that you’re starting to understand the push/pull I feel when it comes to the infamous item.  What is a girl to do?  Risk looking like all the others or going out on a limb and purchasing my very own pair of denim shorts!  Hmmm.. I’m still not sure

Try it for yourself: