Come one, Come all..

Fall Fashion :To Style With Love

Come one, come all to the carnival, this makes me think of Melanie Martinez’s song Carousel… oh right I was blogging.  You are never too old to go to the carnival, an arcade or really anywhere that “fun n’ games” are advertised.  It is also an opportunity to test out some of my fall wardrobe which I am always willing to take.  (To the tune of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer) We’ve got hats, and boots, and coats, and mittens, scarfs and tights, and leather and turtlenecks, but do you recall the most famous fall garments of all?  Well of course that is a nice, big, fluffy, scrumptious, lush, luxurious, soft, etc SWEATER!  You all know that I get waaaayyyy to excited about a nice sweater and I have to talk about it whenever I wear one because in socal it is quite a rare occasion.  Seeing that it has been grey and raining the weather has been chilly, meaning 65 degrees, and californians are freezing!

Date Night Outfit :To Style With Love

Fall Wardrobe: To Style With Love

Chunky Sweater: To Style With Love

 Sweater: Zara    Skirt: Alice and Olivia    Boots: Zara    Tights: Wolford
xx Daphne

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