Ask Daphne & Fie

A big huge thank you to everyone who messaged Fie and I on our Instagrams with questions last week so that we could make this video for you all.  It is not only fun for…

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Gimmie Gimmie

Bye Bye Copenhagen

Bye bye Denmark or hi hi as they say in Danish!  Well that’s all for me this time Copenhagen, I am sure that I will see you again really soon!  I had an amazing time…

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On My Vanity

Summer Lookbook

I am sure that you have all seen a lookbook video on youtube where vloggers and bloggers alike upload some of their looks in live action for you all to see.  Well, I have decided…

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Coachella 2015 Video Diary

A memory is not a memory unless you have some sort of way to show others and in this case it’s a pretty cute little video diary I made of my trip to Coachella 2015!…

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What I got for Christmas 2014

Why hello there you lovely readers… I hope that your holiday’s were absolutely pixie dust and rainbows!  I had such a lovely time being with my family, eating a little too much and exchanging wonderful…

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Blog Introduction: Pleasure to meet you..

  I would like to formally introduce myself to all of you lovely readers… here is my official blog introduction!  Sooo, pleasure to officially meet you but trust me when I say that the pleasure is…

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