Gimmie Gimmie

Denim In Denmark

Hello my lovely and loyal readers!  It’s Daph coming to you straight from Copenhagen and I find myself falling more and more in love with this city every single day.  Today my L.A. and all…

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On My Vanity

Ga Ga For Gingham

I might be one to go ga ga for things quite often but I have been going mad for Gingham prints for quite a long while.  This spring/summer I began to see my favorite print…

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A Little Slip Up

Pardon my cheesy little pun but you know I am always one for a little cliche play on words here and there.  It adds a quirky bit of charm to the idea, don’t you think?…

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Boho in Beverly Hills

We’re going boho today my internet besties!  As I recently talked about in my last post Los Angeles is known for a more boho and casual style.  I however am NOT a very casual person…

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Fit & Flare

It’s fit and then it flares, the name itself is fairly self explanatory.  A nice fit and flare dress is one of my favorite staples for the summer.  You can look incredibly chic and put…

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