Start Your Engines 🏁

Vroom Vroom and start your engines, is what I feel like I should be saying in my new checker/star/striped/race star esc skirt! A little while ago I wrote a post about my growing obsession with…

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Gimmie Gimmie

How To Pretend You’re Cool

Okay, let’s face there is something in the appeal of being cool.  Now you could combat this with saying you don’t care what people think about you or about being cool and I would completely…

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On My Vanity

Cheetah Girl(s) | The Leopard Print Trend

Oh yes my lovely readers…we’re cheetah girls, cheetah sistas!  My mother has always been a fan of animal print, especially cheetah and leopard prints.  Our entire house was decorated by her and there are hints…

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You Better Go Go Girl

Come on ladies, it’s time to get groovy!  For my look today I wanted to play around with some things, after all fashion is one life long game of dressup and that means that you…

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Lace It Up | The Corset Trend

Oh, it is Monday once again my lovely readers! For that, I am very sorry but for what I am about to talk about I am NOT. This particular monday I want to talk about…

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The French Market

Hello everyone!  I hope that you have all had an amazing Christmas or are currently still celebrating a beautiful Hanukkah this year.  It’s two days after Christmas and only a few days until the new…

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