Where’s Hugh? | Notting Hill

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening or whatever time of day it is for you while you are looking at this post.  Get ready for a ton of posts from my time in Europe as right now…

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Gimmie Gimmie

All In Love In All LV

Oh yes I am having a ball here in London and today I am all in Love and decked out in all LV.  By LV of course I mean the classic Louis Vuitton.  Although Louis…

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On My Vanity

Sightseeing in London Town 🇬🇧

Happy Monday, as happy as a monday can be to all of you lovely readers!  I am having a pretty lovely Monday as I am still out in Europe traveling around and today seeing the…

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Abbey Road | London Day 1

Hello Loves, Hello Darlings!  It’s me Daphne back out to travel and coming to you all from London England.  The amazing little flat that we have been staying at in Kensington is perfect in every…

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A Day In Charlottenlund🌹

There are a lot more parts to Copenhagen than just simply Copenhagen, and we outsiders would have no way of knowing all the beauty and hidden treasure that there is to find without a little…

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The End Of Summer In The City

Even though the jet lag was hitting us hard, and for some reason also rubbing off on Fie as well, we were not going to let our zombie like state ruin our chance to get…

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