Welcome To Versailles

Oh Versailles, for many it has a different sort of air whether it’s the French Revolution or the idea of opulence and decadence at it’s most extravagant.  For me it is always Marie Antoinette and…

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Gimmie Gimmie

On My Vanity

Parisian Gloom

Happy Blue Monday my loves!  This post contains some of my favorites shots that I took whilst in Paris as most of our day was spent roaming the museum’s.  Fun fact about me.. I love…

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Oui Oui and Bonjour Paree

I know it’s a little late but BONJOUR PAREE!  Or hello Paris, just kidding I know you all know that.  I am not at all hesitant to say that Paris is one of my favorite…

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She’s A Femme Fatale

And Everybody knows… that I have become habitually obsessed with all things French.  So not only France’s cities but, its beautiful and glorious countryside.  My week spent out running through fields of sunflowers and picnicking near…

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Sunflower Fields Forever 🌻

Happy Halloween everyone!  No, this post has nothing to do with Halloween but seeing as I am sharing it with you all on this October 31st I figured I would wish you all a happy…

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Somewhere In France

Ohhhh to be lost somewhere out in the countryside in France.  There could not be a better place to lose yourself.  While on my travels with my love we stopped out in the Charente region…

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