Lace It Up | The Corset Trend

Oh, it is Monday once again my lovely readers! For that, I am very sorry but for what I am about to talk about I am NOT. This particular monday I want to talk about…

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Gimmie Gimmie

On My Vanity

The French Market

Hello everyone!  I hope that you have all had an amazing Christmas or are currently still celebrating a beautiful Hanukkah this year.  It’s two days after Christmas and only a few days until the new…

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Angouleme Before Christmas

Hello lovely readers!  Can you believe it is only 3 more days until Christmas!  I swear this year has really flown by, I don’t know if it is just the older you get the faster…

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Party Ready | NYLON Shop

Happy Holiday Season my lovely readers!  It’s Monday, but it’s not just any old boring (depressing) Monday…it’s the last Monday before Christmas!  Everyone is off work and out of school making this week the ideal…

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The Holiday Season 🌟

Hello you lovely readers!  Sorry I’ve been a bit absent but with being slightly ill, getting over my infection and beginning on college applications I am really just trying to keep my shit together.  But,…

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Le Tour Eiffel

What better a way to end the Paris Travel Diaries than with a little Eiffel Tower, the most notable landmark in perhaps the entire world and definitely the first thing that comes to mind when…

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