Neutral like the Swiss

Well, unfortunately it’s monday once again and we’re all forced to get up and be productive with our lives.  Sorry I’m not a Monday lover.  Today I am posting one of the looks from my…

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Gimmie Gimmie

Tobi – Adult School

Ah the school girl look, an age old trend absolutely adored by men both young and old (because duh, all men are creepy) but it is not only adored by the men in this world,…

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On My Vanity

Fall Neutrals Lookbook

Only 15 more days until it is officially fall my internet best friends.  As you may or may not have noticed lately, I have been having so much fun making lots of new youtube videos…

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Dress Me Up!

So I know what you all are thinking, why is this girl so crazy — blogging about coats and fall trends one day and the next she’s at the beach acting like she is in…

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A Little Flair

I hope that you all aren’t too tired of my blabbing and gabbing on about the 70s trend this week, however unfortunately this is my last 70s trend post that I have planned for a…

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Groovy Girls

If you haven’t already taken a little peek at my 70s lookbook up on my youtube channel make sure and go look now here!!  This groovy look is one of the featured looks in my…

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