Gimmie Gimmie

My Converse Style | #ForeverChuck

Happy New Year dolls, it's 2018 and it's time to ring in the new year.  In my personal opinion there is no better way to do so than with some new shoes . . .…
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On My Vanity

My First Fall Season | Ft. IfChic

Well my loves, I am officially considering myself a Washingtonian as I am finally experiencing my first official Fall weather!  If you have been following me for a while on my blog you may have…
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Polka Dots In Georgetown

Before the fall came into full swing over what seemed like a single day Georgetown was beautiful and the leaves were beginning to change but still with a warm twist about the air.  I can…
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Coming To D.C. | Life Update

As I am sure many of you have noticed I have been posting quite a lot from Washington, D.C. recently instead of the usual home base of Los Angeles.  This is because I have taken…
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Castle On A Cloud

Hello my loves, I am back today with my last post from my travels in France unfortunately.  I have had the most amazing time roaming the vast nooks and crannies of the French countryside with…
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Parlez Vous Francais?

There is nothing like a rare day with not much to do but wonder throughout a foreign land and take in all the culture that it has to offer.  If you aren't tired of me…
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