The White Motel

Some call it The Bates Motel because of the sort of OCD paper, plastic, starc white atmosphere at The White Motel in Silver Lake.  It’s not even just the motel that has been turned completely…

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Gimmie Gimmie

Racquet Club Road Estates

Hey there cyber dolls!  I’m back again today with some more love from Palm Springs!  The sun is overly hot but the atmosphere, company and to die for outlet mall are worth a little summertime…

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On My Vanity

The New Spot | Melrose Place

Happy blue Monday my lovely internet besties!  Hopefully as I always wish, this post can add a little sparkle and shimmer to your Monday blues and if you’re in the LA area give you a…

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Brand Love | Rue Gembon

Here with some brand love for you all today!  I recently received some new icy, gems, jewels, whatever you wish to call them from Rue Gembon!  First of all let’s take a moment to appreciate…

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Coachella 2016 Playlist

Woohoo, it’s festival week!  Specifically Coachella Week 1!  Only a few more days until we all fill into the car and head south for Palm Springs.  With everyone heading down to the desert it can…

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