On My Vanity | Cos Bar – Giveaway

If you haven't heard of Cos Bar before well . . . you should have because it is the IT spot to find all of your luxury beauty product needs.  Along the lines of a…
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Gimmie Gimmie

On My Vanity | Kate Somerville GLOW

In case you are unfamiliar with the legendary Kate Somerville then let me quickly clue you in on this skin care goddess.  It turns out that Kate Somerville has been caring for people's skin for…
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On My Vanity


Well my loves, we finally made it.  We made to one of Revolve's famous, over the top and of course aesthetically pleasing parties!  We all know Revolve is known for the throwing the most amazing…
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Buxom | Big. Bold. Sexy.

Hello dolls!  I am here with another irregular sort of blog post for you today but an incredibly fun one that I just K N O W you will enjoy!  Two nights ago I had…
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