Hunter Wellies

Summer is over my internet best friends and it’s time to fully transition into fall as the heat fades aways, the leaves change colors and weather patterns change.  To make my transition in to fall…

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Gimmie Gimmie

Cami NYC

Ah it’s Monday, time to pull ourselves up and go strong for another week.  However, this is no ordinary week for me.  This is the week of my 18th Birthday!  I am taking my very…

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On My Vanity

Coach: Swagger

Ah, October it is the prime of the Fall season.  Halloween is right around the corner, girls everywhere are fighting to get as many pumpkin spice lattes as they can and the leaves are changing…

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Olive + Piper

Jewelry…having the perfectly curated collection can make or break a wardrobe and truly elevate your style if done properly.  Finding the right pieces that suit your style can be quite the struggle and perfecting your…

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Hello Sunshine!

As a girl or really a human being I have a thing for all things freakin cute!  Various little objects shaped like cupcakes, beaded bracelets with my name on them, pink polaroid cameras or puppies…

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Pixie Market

Ahh, we made it, rejoice in the bask of the Friday light!  It’s the weekend and often on the weekend we go from casual wares during the day to feisty night out looks in just…

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