What’s In Your Carry on?

Carry On: To Style, With Love

As you may recall I recently told you all that I am about to be embarking on a little trip to Scandinavia to visit some good friends of mine. Now trekking across the country is one thing but trekking halfway around the world is entirely another. Not only do you have to make sure you have everything you might need during travel but you also probably don’t want to lug around a five pound bag either, now do you? From LA to London its 10 hours and from LA to Copenhagen its 12, ugh. Sitting in one little seat for that long of a time is very tricky but I find that if you have all of your essentials in place it is not so bad, plus now all of the airplanes have individual tvs too (thank goodness). However, my friend recently said that so many people have probably touched those screens before. Whilst they’ve probably been cleaned, it’s likely that there will be still be germs on them. That’s why I have put hand sanitizer on my essentials list. It’s important to stay clean whilst traveling and hand sanitizer is ideal to just throw in your carry on! Anyway, here are some of my other essentials.

1. Sleep Mask

Usually on international flights people try and get some shut eye. In order to make sure my rest on the plane is at least somewhat decent I bring along one of my trusted sleep masks to further isolate myself from the stressful environment of an airplane cabin.

2. My Phone

Not much needs to be said about this, other than make sure your phone is fully charged before you get to the airport because odds are you’re going to be using it to entertain yourself in just a little bit.

3. Adaptor

This might seem obvious but you might be surprised how often these bad boys are forgotten when traveling internationally. Save yourself 50$ in the mini bar to buy another one and lose/forget that one too next time you travel.

4. My Camera

Who said you can’t take cute outfit photos at the airport too! Or maybe you’re working on a travel diary.. who knows the options are endless. Plus, have you seen how they throw that luggage around! I would not want my camera in that bag being abused like that.

5. Laptop

The one thing in the world I can NEVER live without. My laptop is my life and now a days most planes have wifi too which allows me to stay connected and not lose 12 hours of precious web time, I have a lot of shopping to do.. or at least I’m betting I can find some things to buy.

6. Headphones and Chargers

ESSENTIAL to survival of the plane ride. Plug in and play your music to relax, especially if you have any travel anxiety. I find myself always wanting to play a certain soundtrack to go along with my trip. And don’t forget your charger of course! Hopefully your plane also has outlets and you can charge your phone once it starts to die down a bit.

7. Proper Documentation

Please don’t forget this… you might not want to forget your passport and make sure you secure it in your carry on in a place it won’t get lost or fall out. You also may want to print out any tickets for shows etc , your plane ticket(s) and even an itinerary to have just in case.

8. Beauty Essentials

My favorite part, a small pouch with things like tinted moisturizer, a compact powder, mascara, eyeliner, bronzer, gum or breath spray, some tissues, hand sanitizer and maybe even some bobby pins and hair types to tame any plane bed head. With all of these things handy you can get off of the plane looking fresh, alive and ready to mingle with all of the cute foreign boys ;)

xx Daphne