Bye Bye Copenhagen

Spring/Summer Style: To Style, With Love

Bye bye Denmark or hi hi as they say in Danish!  Well that’s all for me this time Copenhagen, I am sure that I will see you again really soon!  I had an amazing time here with my friends and this time I felt like I was really immersed in to Danish culture and I must say my Danish is getting much better too haha… kind of.  While Copenhagen in the summer may not quite be the summer weather that I am used to it was still a lovely change.  People do tend to stare at you quite oddly when you are shivering in a coat while everyone else is wearing short sleeves.  Anyhow, for the love of fashion I chose to just be cold in this incredibly cute skirt suit from Royal Fashions.  I felt like quite the little barbie doll with my hair half up and half down with my chanel sneakers and bag.  So obviously I did a few twirls for the camera as well and put together a little look video for you all to see my style in action!  Stay tuned for my travel diary from my time here in Copenhagen and much much more!

Spring/Summer Copenhagen Style: To Style, With Love

Copenhagen, Denmark Style: To Style, With Love

White Twin Set: To Style, With Love

Vintage Chanel Bag: To Style, With Love

Chanel Sneakers: To Style, With Love

Copenhagen Style: To Style, With Love

White Twin Set: To Style, With Love

Skirt Set: Royal Fashion      Blouse: ASOS      Shoes: Chanel      Bag: Chanel    

xx Daphne

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