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What To Wear This Fall: To Style With Love

The cult classic Balenciaga Ceinture boots, or as I like to call them — The Boot of the Ceinture/Century.  After searching all over Europe this summer for this coveted favorite of fash-girls alike, I finally happened upon them about two months ago in Las Vegas and snatched them up like a fashion editor at the Christian Louboutin yearly sample sale.  I was filled with joy like I had just received a love letter from Ryan Gosling, and then the sales girl informed me that this would be the last batch of boots since Alexander Wang had become Creative Director for Balenciaga he would be taking away this cult classic to re-invent the brand (Gasps are appropriate here).  These boots were a departure from my usual shoe style, but something about them is delightfully edgy but they still have a feminine feel, which is what makes these boots so perfect for many of all different styles.

Adding these boots to look gives just the right amount of androgynous edge to mix things up a bit.  I paired my boots of the century with a combo dress from theory, it basically looks like a skirt with sweater but with the hassle of only one garment, a wonderful oversized striped blazer and some striped navy socks to keep my toezies feeling snug.  I know I keep complaining about the weather here in Los Angeles, but fall is finally creeping up on us and this week instead of being 90 degrees everyday it has been in the mid 60s and we are so grateful!  Especially since the retailers of LA have decided that Christmas is arriving early this year (christmas trees are popping up every which way you might turn your head) so we really need some chilly weather to help us get into the spirit a little early this year.

Fall Fashion: To Style With Love

Balenciaga Booties: To Style With Love

Fall Fashion: To Style With Love

 Blazer: Topshop    Dress: Theory    Boots: Balenciaga
xx Daphne


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