Gimmie Gimmie

Gingham Frills

What better a way to start off the week than with more installments of my Paris Diaries!  Walking the isles of the river Seine with my love and snacking on some delicious and creamy ice…
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On My Vanity

May + June Beauty Favorites

Hello my darling and very dear readers! I am here with a beauty post for you today, as you may have noticed I have been getting more and more into beauty blogging and as it…
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Peonies and Paris

Bonjour mes amours!  I am here today, obviously, with another part of my new Paris travel diary.  If you can't fall in love in and with Paris than I really don't think that I want…
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My Paris Apartment & Wardrobe

Bonjour my lovely readers! There is something in the air in Paris that just puts you in the absolute most romantic mood. I don't even believe this is a cliche anymore to feel romantic in…
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Palais Royal Rouge

Bonjour Mon Amie!  If you follow me on social media (which you should btw to keep up with me daily!  Insta here) than you probably know that I have been spending some much needed time in…

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