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Allow me to introduce myself, you lovely reader you.  My name is Daphne Blunt and I am a fashion blogger, model and actress based in Los Angeles, California.  I started my blog in October of 2014 right around my 17th birthday.  I had wanted to start a blog for over a year before that as I had become utterly obsessed with street style and personal style bloggers such as Kayture, Man Repeller and FashionToast.  I finally bit my lip and took the leap to launch To Style, With Love. If you want in on the secret behind the name… it’s a play on words referencing To Sir, With Love the beloved 1967 classic by Lulu.


In a nutshell I am an old soul with a shopping addiction, a love for roaming the French countryside, one too many pairs of shoes and love for a good beatles vinyl or any cliche indie music.  The reason I started my blog was simply to express the passion I feel with all things fashion and a few other curiosities too. 


Come along with me as I document my obsession with all things luxuriously materialistic!

Welcome to my Blog, I hope that you stay, have a look around and come back soon!

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xx Daphne