That’s So 70s Trend..

70s Inspiration: To Style With Love

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Happy Friday lovely readers, we made it to the weekend.. finally!  Every week we need to gather inspiration for whatever stylish fad we’re going to try out over the weekend so I put together this game plan for the coming weekend.  Dancing around on a Friday in 2014 sounds boring so let’s all pretend this weekend that its November 1974 and turn up the radio to dance around to The Bee Gees or Carly Simon instead.  The 60s/70s trend has been creeping up on us and I couldn’t help but purchase a pair of flare jeans that go quite nicely with a camel colored turtleneck I must say.  Grab a comb and some hair spray to pimp out your hair and turn yourself into Bridget Bardot, steal (I mean borrow) one of your parents vintage band shirts or pull out that Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress you’ve been saving for the disco — have a drink, propose a cheer, channel your inner Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis circa That 70s Show) — and have a fantastic and magical weekend.

xx Daphne


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