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My London travel diary is sort of coming to a close, but I still have my video diary to share with you all and it’s almost finished being edited it just needs a few perfecting touches.  Any how, this is not sad because that means that we get to move on to all of my French adventures and amazing Parisian outfits to share on To Style, With Love.  Traveling around London brought about so many opportunities for not only cute pics but I for one love to take a picture

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening or whatever time of day it is for you while you are looking at this post.  Get ready for a ton of posts from my time in Europe as right now I am fully focused on bringing the best possible content to you all and sharing all of my amazing experiences from my trips with you all.  In today’s post I was wandering around Notting Hill searching for Hugh Grant of course.  No not really, but since I was in Notting Hill I couldn’t resist throwing

Oh yes I am having a ball here in London and today I am all in Love and decked out in all LV.  By LV of course I mean the classic Louis Vuitton.  Although Louis Vuitton is perpetually French in its roots and design LV has built a brand name that can be found as classic in any city, country state or status.  A little bit ago I picked these monogram booties after they made their resurgence once again in the Louis Vuitton stores after being a huge hit at

Happy Monday, as happy as a monday can be to all of you lovely readers!  I am having a pretty lovely Monday as I am still out in Europe traveling around and today seeing the sights.  There is truly no shame in being a bit of a tourist, especially when in another country on another continent!  We devoted a day in London to wandering around and taking in all of the majestic sights that the city has to offer.  In fact many of London’s most well known attractions are within walking

Hello Loves, Hello Darlings!  It’s me Daphne back out to travel and coming to you all from London England.  The amazing little flat that we have been staying at in Kensington is perfect in every way, except for the whole internet part as it’s wifi is NOT what I am accustomed to.  So I beg of your forgiveness in being absent again.  It has been the most trying chore to simple blog as I usually do everyday.  Today’s post is some filled with some shots that I took on my

Good Morning lovely readers!  The time has come and today is the day, I am heading back off to Europe and the first stop is London Town Darling.  The time home since I got back from Copenhagen has flown by and now I’ve been trying to figure out how to put 4 cities worth of clothing into about 2 suitcases.  Yes, help me….. Anyhow, before I left I wanted to shoot this look that I picked up whilst I was in Copenhagen.  One of my favorite stores to visit while

Americana, what is the meaning of the word?  I don’t truly know I don’t wish to try and google it to find out whatever starchy, dry and incredibly shallow meaning the dictionary, know it alls on Wikipedia or people who think they are wittier than they are on UrbanDictionary would like to give to it.  Having been the token American a lot lately and venturing out to be one again it has really made me realize how truly “American” I am.  I put the word “American” in quotes because of

Yes, I’m cheesy and yes I mean, Extra Extra! Read all about it!  I mean you should alllwaaayyysss be coming to To Style, With Love to read all about it, so of course today is no exception either.  Everyone I know is hell bent on deciding that it is fall even though we’ve got a little less than a good 20 days left of beautiful summer time!  It’s probably because school is starting up again and there is no longer the hype of mid summer and most vacations.  As I

As I just got home from Denmark and I am setting sail again across the pond in two weeks I needed a real dose of home this week.  I needed to feel my California roots and breathe in the city that I call home.  Obviously, these desires led me to the beach as it doesn’t get much for “California Dreamin” than that.  I always head to the beach whether it’s for a drive, stroll or laying out in the sun the beach is always my go to when I need

There are a lot more parts to Copenhagen than just simply Copenhagen, and we outsiders would have no way of knowing all the beauty and hidden treasure that there is to find without a little help.  Cities are a big place and there are endless amounts of things to explore.  One of the most beautiful places I visited whilst I was away in Copenhagen was Charlottenlund.  The quaint little suburb of the heart of the city is only about 15 minutes out and the streets are lined with perfect white

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