I know it’s a little late but BONJOUR PAREE!  Or hello Paris, just kidding I know you all know that.  I am not at all hesitant to say that Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world.  Every corner you turn is gorgeous with it’s antique architecture, a cheese shop on every corner (I’m serious…every corner and I have NO problems with that :) and incredibly chic looking French girls doing their daily routines.  Paris is not only beautiful but filled with culture that you can’t find anywhere

Hey Lolita Heyyyy..Hey Lolita Heyyy, Lana Del Rey sings in her dreamy, seductive voice in her very very underrated song Lolita from her album Born To Die.  The concept of Lolita goes back to 1955 and Vladimir Nabokov’s esteemed novel of the same name.  To follow were two movies portraying the concept of a young girl and an older man.  The idea is salacious, forbidden and therefore incredibly intriguing and mysterious.  I myself have had a fascination of the Lolita concept from the book and movies for quite sometime.  It’s

And Everybody knows… that I have become habitually obsessed with all things French.  So not only France’s cities but, its beautiful and glorious countryside.  My week spent out running through fields of sunflowers and picnicking near rustic windmills was one that I will never…EVER forget.  It was a fairytale, as simple as that, it was magic. I like many others am a lover of music and have pretty eclectic taste when it comes to it.  You could say I usually go for some cliche indie music and I am not afraid

Happy Halloween everyone!  No, this post has nothing to do with Halloween but seeing as I am sharing it with you all on this October 31st I figured I would wish you all a happy holiday anyway.  On another note, I thought that I should give you all a little update since a lot has been going on in my little life.  You may or may not know that last week on the 23rd it was my 19th birthday!  Ahhh scary, I’m really becoming a true adult :P no thank

As  you all may well have figured out by now for a lot of my shopping needs I head over to my faaaaaaavoritteee site….Zappos.com!  With Zappos I always know I am going to get amazing customer service, super simple and east return policies and what I think is the best feature is their super duper fast and free shipping.  I don’t have to wait weeks and weeks to get all of my new fall goodies, no I can have them within practically a day!  In this case I am pretty

Somewhere In France

Somewhere In France // Empure, Ruffec, The Charente France // Re-Done Denim Cutoff Shorts // Are You Am I Crop Tshirt // Feiyue Sneakers // Chanel Western Belt // France Travel Diary // Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Daphne Blunt: To Style, With Love

Ohhhh to be lost somewhere out in the countryside in France.  There could not be a better place to lose yourself.  While on my travels with my love we stopped out in the Charente region of France for a week to visit his mother.  I was absolutely enchanted with the are as soon as we arrived.  From the never ending fields of sunflowers, grapes for authentic Cognac and just open space like nothing this city girl has ever seen before, I had such an amazing time spending the week relaxing

Hello lovely readers and welcome to Old Portsmouth.  Portsmouth being one of the largest cities in England and right there nestled beautifully on the sea side.  It also happens to be the birthplace and original home of my love so we took a few days out of our trip and drove an hour outside of London to visit his hometown.  While it’s one of the larger cities in England it’s really not a huge city, especially when you’re used to Los Angeles and New York.  But the sea side was beautiful

Happy Saturday my lovely readers!  I don’t usually post new things on To Style, With Love on the weekends but on this occasion I thought it was worth it to make a special exception for a very special cause.  As of October 1st Bliss is partnering with The Pink Agenda, a non for profit organization committed to raising money and awareness for breast cancer research and care.  Bliss has decided to donate 20% of the proceeds from their Fabulous line of products and spa services to The Pink Agenda!  Not

Don’t call me cheesy or corny, although I wouldn’t blame you but.. Fall la la la la.. la la la la.  Don’t act like you aren’t thrilled that fall has officially sprung.  It is even starting to feel a little fall like out here in Souther California aka Los Angeles.  We get to pull out our favorite cozy sweaters and a nice pair of tights,  start drinking pumpkin flavored lattes, attending festivals, carnivals and watching scary Halloween movies, crisp morning and the changing of the leaves.  But, the most exciting

Chichester | England

Chichester England // London England Europe Travel Diary // Zara Leather Jacket // Boohoo Sweater Choker Dress #myboohoostyle // Pink Gucci Marmont Bag // White Converse & Round Ray Bans // Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Daphne Blunt: To Style, With Love

There are so many places all over the world to discover and explore.  When it comes to travel we often think in terms of capital cities or big booming cities of industry.  We say New York, Paris, London, Rome, Milan, Miami, Los Angeles, Tokyo.  We never think of the vast majority of the rest of all of these countries that we have yet to give a chance to explore.  Lucky for me I have a perfect tour guide as he happens to be a local.  On this day we drove

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