Oh I am so happy that it is finally starting to cool off here in LA.  The sky has been grey and it even rained for an entire day last week.  This sounds silly I know, but I have always had an affinity for chilly weather (having never lived in a place where it snows).  It excites me like you would not believe to actually have a reason to pull out my fall wardrobe.  My good friend and fellow blogger Fie Laursen (see her blog here) is in town

  Ohh Thanksgiving, one of the most wonderful (and stressful) days of the year.  Not only do you have to go home (or downstairs if you are a child like me) and deal with all of your crazy relatives coming over, you probably would also like to look presentable, or maybe just make an excuse to buy a new outfit.  With the holidays rushing up on us I know everyone is busy trying to get prepared so in order to save you some time and to exert my expert advice

  Calling all Nasty Gal fans to Melrose!  It’s official Nasty Gal has opened their very first store front right here in the heart of Los Angeles on Melrose, across from Fred Segal and just a stones throw away from Diane Von Furstenburg and Marc Jacobs (pretty good neighbors I would say).  Last night I had the pleasure of attending the ultra trendy opening night soiree.  The store was filled with women whose legs ran for miles and made me feel quite short, and I’m 5’5!  I had the pleasure

Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Blackberry Since the 2008 resurgence of the vampire trend all things vamp have been very trendy.  This is not particularly the vamp that I am talking about, so don’t start running in to the forest trying to find a sparkling man.  I’m talking about the IT lipstick color of the season, something of a burgundy, oxblood or even blackberry.  While most women are often hesitant to wear bold lip colors the vamp lip works on almost everyone of every skin tone.  It’s a bold yet subtle look, perfect for

 Dress: Elizabeth & James    Boots: Stuart Weitzman    Earrings: Vintage It’s not a bird or a plane, but it is a shirt dress.  These versatile garments are an age old classic, but these days they seem to draw quite a bit of attention especially when paired with my new favorite boots.  My friends all say things like “you look amazing” or “Oooo so hot”  but all their parents seem to want to know is “are you wearing something underneath of that?”  I of course reply yes, I am wearing

Boots of the Ceinture..

What To Wear This Fall: To Style With Love

The cult classic Balenciaga Ceinture boots, or as I like to call them — The Boot of the Ceinture/Century.  After searching all over Europe this summer for this coveted favorite of fash-girls alike, I finally happened upon them about two months ago in Las Vegas and snatched them up like a fashion editor at the Christian Louboutin yearly sample sale.  I was filled with joy like I had just received a love letter from Ryan Gosling, and then the sales girl informed me that this would be the last batch of

In case you haven’t heard Nasty Gal is putting on one of the best sales (no, nothing is discounted unfortunately) I have ever seen in my entire life.  It is 100% vintage Chanel! What? I know, and it is not just your run of the mill vintage quilted backpack and chunky clip on earrings.  This sale is filled with nearly impossible to find garments, oh la la sporting gear, collectable worthy handbags and chunky gold jewelry you’ve only dreamed of.  As a “fash-girl” I am programmed to be obsessed with

I’m Knit Cold..

Fall-la-la-la-la-la, fall is my absolute favorite season, and not just because my birthday takes place in it.  When you’re sitting inside and it’s grey outside with a subtle cool breeze in the air I can’t help but feel filled with warmth.  My favorite thing to do during this time is cozy up inside with a mug of hot apple cider in one of my favorite oversized sweaters.  Can you believe Thanksgiving is in two weeks!?  I am anxiously awaiting the house being filled with food and laughter, the scent of cinnamon in

Photos Via Pinterest Happy Friday lovely readers, we made it to the weekend.. finally!  Every week we need to gather inspiration for whatever stylish fad we’re going to try out over the weekend so I put together this game plan for the coming weekend.  Dancing around on a Friday in 2014 sounds boring so let’s all pretend this weekend that its November 1974 and turn up the radio to dance around to The Bee Gees or Carly Simon instead.  The 60s/70s trend has been creeping up on us and I couldn’t help but purchase

  Let’s Play… In Play by Comme des Garcon of course!  These early fall days are upon us and day to day I never know if it’s going to be hot or cold (the weather just can not make up its mind) so overalls are the perfect solution.  Layered underneath is my little obsession of Play by Comme des Garcon t-shirts — I became obsessed with these over the summer and so DUH, when I was in London I hit up Dover Street Market for some goodies, my mom couldn’t

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