I would like to formally introduce myself to all of you lovely readers… here is my official blog introduction!  Sooo, pleasure to officially meet you but trust me when I say that the pleasure is all mine.  I hope that you will also subscribe to my new youtube channel because there is much more to come.  Make sure to give my video a thumbs up, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.. maybe about what kind of videos you would like to see!    

As The Night Changes..

Zara Skort: To Style With Love

Yes, I did title this after a song from One Direction’s new album 4… don’t judge, that song is freakin good!   If you truly listen to the words of it you might even be able to relate.  Even just the title is relatable “as the night changes.”  It could apply to so many different areas of your life, or if you are a very literal person perhaps it just refers to the sun going down each night and rising in the morning, whatever floats your boat mate.  Now that

Mia and Fiah..

Fie Laursen: To Style With Love

I never realized how much I would adore this girl, or as I like to call her “my little danish muffin.”  Having her here in LA for two weeks has been amazing and I am so glad to have made such a lovely new friend.  Fie Laursen also happens to be my first friend who is an established blogger in fact scandinavia’s top blogger, see fielaursen.dk. If you are a blogger you know that your friends are tired of you asking them to take photos of you and stopping in front

Come one, Come all..

Fall Fashion :To Style With Love

Come one, come all to the carnival, this makes me think of Melanie Martinez’s song Carousel… oh right I was blogging.  You are never too old to go to the carnival, an arcade or really anywhere that “fun n’ games” are advertised.  It is also an opportunity to test out some of my fall wardrobe which I am always willing to take.  (To the tune of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer) We’ve got hats, and boots, and coats, and mittens, scarfs and tights, and leather and turtlenecks, but do you recall

  Somedays you just need a little music to perk you up.  What can I say I am one in a billion victims of feelings!  I reject them but they seem to creep up and bite me again every time.  Having the disease of feelings can be wonderful but it can also be very confusing and a little upsetting.  In order to help me recover from my terrible case of feelings I put together a playlist of songs that help me get up and get down when I realize it’s

Midi Skirts are huge right now, but I have always secretly thought to myself “you are too short for that.”  Guess what! You’re not too short for that!  I know I know, contain your excitement.  Hahah anyway every six foot tall model on the runways of <insert couture designer here> has been looking stunning in a midi skirt.  So I bought one on a day when I was feeling especially confident and I decide to try it out.  My nerves were racking and I was very unsure of myself, hoping

  Oh I am so happy that it is finally starting to cool off here in LA.  The sky has been grey and it even rained for an entire day last week.  This sounds silly I know, but I have always had an affinity for chilly weather (having never lived in a place where it snows).  It excites me like you would not believe to actually have a reason to pull out my fall wardrobe.  My good friend and fellow blogger Fie Laursen (see her blog here) is in town

  Ohh Thanksgiving, one of the most wonderful (and stressful) days of the year.  Not only do you have to go home (or downstairs if you are a child like me) and deal with all of your crazy relatives coming over, you probably would also like to look presentable, or maybe just make an excuse to buy a new outfit.  With the holidays rushing up on us I know everyone is busy trying to get prepared so in order to save you some time and to exert my expert advice

  Calling all Nasty Gal fans to Melrose!  It’s official Nasty Gal has opened their very first store front right here in the heart of Los Angeles on Melrose, across from Fred Segal and just a stones throw away from Diane Von Furstenburg and Marc Jacobs (pretty good neighbors I would say).  Last night I had the pleasure of attending the ultra trendy opening night soiree.  The store was filled with women whose legs ran for miles and made me feel quite short, and I’m 5’5!  I had the pleasure

Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Blackberry Since the 2008 resurgence of the vampire trend all things vamp have been very trendy.  This is not particularly the vamp that I am talking about, so don’t start running in to the forest trying to find a sparkling man.  I’m talking about the IT lipstick color of the season, something of a burgundy, oxblood or even blackberry.  While most women are often hesitant to wear bold lip colors the vamp lip works on almost everyone of every skin tone.  It’s a bold yet subtle look, perfect for

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