You know it is just simply fun to say “twosies!”  Twosies is just another cute and fun way to say co-ords or matching separates if you will.  If you haven’t figured this out yet, I like to pretend/fantasize that I am a British person.  I am one of those cliche American girls who is a sucker for an accent and dreams of sharing a flat in London with a dashing bloke or maybe a castle with a prince and the rest of the royal family.  I also like to throw

Borrowed From A Boy

Military Jacket: To Style With Love

Okay so borrowed could be switched out for “stole” but, it is NOT stealing when you intend on giving the item in question back and you borrow form someone whom you know quite well.  Haha I may have gotten in a tiny bit of trouble from the boy in question but I know he could never not looovee me :)  I often see women wearing various oversized garments and have to wonder if they borrowed that from some boys closet or maybe even from the menswear section at Saks.  Menswear

Soooo Cyber..

Ok, it’s time to have a serious chat about a trend you have probably heard of but, in turn thought what the h*** is that!  Its Cyber, sooo cyber.  Cyber is a trend started by young fash-girls on the internet, mainly tumblr.

Rip em’ Up!

Fall Outfit: To Style With Love

Kids these days and their ripped jeans, am I right?  Just kidding.. but, of course I am a huge fan of ripped boyfriend jeans or just ripped denim in general.  It makes our mother’s exclaim things like “I used to throw my jeans away once they were ripped” or “did you buy those that way?”  The answer is yes and the moe ripped the better.  The simplicity of these jeans is amazing because at the same time they are wildly sophisticated and absolutely not basic.  The ripped boyfriend jean can

Am I the only one who seems to have this problem of wanting most things?  No.. I didn’t think so.  It is quite the struggle.  When trying to decide what you want for Christmas you have to think very strategically and try and really figure out your priorities in terms of gifts you would like to receive.  Think back through the whole year and remember what you wanted most or maybe some things you may not have bought for yourself even though you were tempted.  Or if you are like

Magnificent Metallic..

  Bang! Bang! Fizz! Pop! Pow!  I feel like I am Veronica or Betty or maybe even Super Woman!  I know what you’re all thinking… this girl is crazy and probably has ADD.  No wrong I just felt really inspired by this metallic skirt that I found buried deep in the dark hollows of my walk in closet.  Something about it evokes a very animated feeling in me.  This skirt makes me feel like I am brighter than the sun itself.  Generally I am a fan of your typical monochromatic

  I would like to formally introduce myself to all of you lovely readers… here is my official blog introduction!  Sooo, pleasure to officially meet you but trust me when I say that the pleasure is all mine.  I hope that you will also subscribe to my new youtube channel because there is much more to come.  Make sure to give my video a thumbs up, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.. maybe about what kind of videos you would like to see!    

As The Night Changes..

Zara Skort: To Style With Love

Yes, I did title this after a song from One Direction’s new album 4… don’t judge, that song is freakin good!   If you truly listen to the words of it you might even be able to relate.  Even just the title is relatable “as the night changes.”  It could apply to so many different areas of your life, or if you are a very literal person perhaps it just refers to the sun going down each night and rising in the morning, whatever floats your boat mate.  Now that

Mia and Fiah..

Fie Laursen: To Style With Love

I never realized how much I would adore this girl, or as I like to call her “my little danish muffin.”  Having her here in LA for two weeks has been amazing and I am so glad to have made such a lovely new friend.  Fie Laursen also happens to be my first friend who is an established blogger in fact scandinavia’s top blogger, see If you are a blogger you know that your friends are tired of you asking them to take photos of you and stopping in front

Come one, Come all..

Fall Fashion :To Style With Love

Come one, come all to the carnival, this makes me think of Melanie Martinez’s song Carousel… oh right I was blogging.  You are never too old to go to the carnival, an arcade or really anywhere that “fun n’ games” are advertised.  It is also an opportunity to test out some of my fall wardrobe which I am always willing to take.  (To the tune of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer) We’ve got hats, and boots, and coats, and mittens, scarfs and tights, and leather and turtlenecks, but do you recall

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