Oh my my my have we got Coachella fever!!! Only four more loooong months until we’re back in the desert letting loose to EDM and all of our favorite indie bands.  Ooooo just thinking about it gives me chills and makes me excited for laying by the pool at a resort in Palm Springs, eating lemon-ricotta pancakes and smoothies each morning with my best friends and sisters before heading down to the festival.  But, the question that I would like to ponder to you today is whether or not it

Gucci Gucci

Blazer: To Style, With Love

  Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi…Prada, the mantra not only sung by Kreayshawn but by the fashion obsessed EVERYWHERE.  Every member of a fash-pack must eventually own all of the essential “trendy classics” and the exceptional Gucci loafer with the iconic bit is no exception.  I have been coveting a pair for literally probably about 5 years (yes, I was that conscious of relevant designers when I was 11-12).  Finally after seeing them on bloggers and editors alike I decided to put a pair on my Christmas list and Santa

Well you guys, we made it..IT’S 2015!!!  Can you even believe it?  It seems like 2014 flew by and find myself getting older and older and saying that more and more as each year goes by quicker and quicker.  All in all it was quite a good year for me, I simply tried to live life to the fullest and going back through my instagram was quite the little trip down memory road.  I may have only had my blog for almost 3 months, but luckily I’ve had an instagram

Why hello there you lovely readers… I hope that your holiday’s were absolutely pixie dust and rainbows!  I had such a lovely time being with my family, eating a little too much and exchanging wonderful gifts!  Now that I am on youtube (just call me a full blow youtuber) I have made my first real Youtube video!  I’ve been contemplating this for a while and it is actually pretty scary to just let it all go and sit in front of the camera and talk to all of you people

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Fur Coat: To Style With Love

While it may look like the sun is shining bright like it is perceived to do in Los Angeles every single day it is actually quite chilly out today!  We are so happy about it though, but I do find that we Californians talk a big game about how we wish that it would be cold, or we say “where is the fall weather” because we are just so desperate to pull out our fall wardrobes.  However, when it does get to be our low of 55 degrees we seem

Well, we waited and waited and the day has finally come and passed and now it is another 364 days until Saint Nick comes once again.  I had a very very Merry Christmas, and I hope that you did too!  I spent the night before gorging on a feast my mother prepared that traces us back to our birth roots of Kansas City (we enjoyed a feast of Jack Stack BBQ) as we do every year.  After we were too stuffed to do much more so we each got in

Christmas Time Is Here

Christmas Time: To Style With Love

 Cape: Kate Spade (similar here)    Dress: Nasty Gal     Boots: Zara     Bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton Oh Christmas Eve, one of the most treasured nights of the year.  Every family has their own special traditions that they ritualize each and every year.  For my family it is a big dinner, opening one present each…early, matching pajamas this year from Wildfox (I have three sisters) and reading Twas The Night Before Christmas while eating ice cream sundaes before bedtime.  For me these are age old traditions and I

This seems to be a very sensitive topic to bring up in modern society, but I feel that it is actually something that people should be able to voice their opinions on freely.  Christmas has been taken to a whole new level in recent decades.  It is filled with surplus, greed and overindulgence.  I am no angel in participating in this modern tradition either.  I, of course, grew up and wanted more and more each year for Christmas and my parents were happy to indulge in me and my sisters


  You know it is just simply fun to say “twosies!”  Twosies is just another cute and fun way to say co-ords or matching separates if you will.  If you haven’t figured this out yet, I like to pretend/fantasize that I am a British person.  I am one of those cliche American girls who is a sucker for an accent and dreams of sharing a flat in London with a dashing bloke or maybe a castle with a prince and the rest of the royal family.  I also like to throw

Borrowed From A Boy

Military Jacket: To Style With Love

Okay so borrowed could be switched out for “stole” but, it is NOT stealing when you intend on giving the item in question back and you borrow form someone whom you know quite well.  Haha I may have gotten in a tiny bit of trouble from the boy in question but I know he could never not looovee me :)  I often see women wearing various oversized garments and have to wonder if they borrowed that from some boys closet or maybe even from the menswear section at Saks.  Menswear

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