Hello my lovely readers!  I am back with an amazing post today for you, well mostly an amazing experience but I think that the post captures the essence pretty well.  Despite the fact that I had a sprained ankle me and my friends packed up a picnic, got in the car and headed to Antelope Valley.  I am sure you’ve seen photos of the pure bursts of orange flowers on some form of social media.  And it is no joke, as soon as we drove over the hill after about

Hello lovely readers!  Can you believe it is only 3 more days until Christmas!  I swear this year has really flown by, I don’t know if it is just the older you get the faster the years seem or if the years are truly getting shorter as we go on because I would swear we just had Christmas about 2 or 3 months ago.  Anyway, one of the perks and sadly in itself one of the flaws of being in a long distance relationship like I am is all of

Hey Lolita Heyyyy..Hey Lolita Heyyy, Lana Del Rey sings in her dreamy, seductive voice in her very very underrated song Lolita from her album Born To Die.  The concept of Lolita goes back to 1955 and Vladimir Nabokov’s esteemed novel of the same name.  To follow were two movies portraying the concept of a young girl and an older man.  The idea is salacious, forbidden and therefore incredibly intriguing and mysterious.  I myself have had a fascination of the Lolita concept from the book and movies for quite sometime.  It’s

And Everybody knows… that I have become habitually obsessed with all things French.  So not only France’s cities but, its beautiful and glorious countryside.  My week spent out running through fields of sunflowers and picnicking near rustic windmills was one that I will never…EVER forget.  It was a fairytale, as simple as that, it was magic. I like many others am a lover of music and have pretty eclectic taste when it comes to it.  You could say I usually go for some cliche indie music and I am not afraid

Just because all of the talk about going back to school or back to work without weekend summer getaways has begun does not mean we can’t take full advantage of all that is left of the summer!  Living in Southern California, Los Angeles specifically you could say that summer is pretty much year round and in that way we are pretty lucky to be able to have opportunities to wear our favorite bikinis and sandals all year round.  Even with that it does not mean that I don’t have a

La vie en rose.  Directly translated it just means life in pink, or rose if you will.  As Audrey Hepburn said, “La vie en rose.  It is the french way of saying, “I am looking at the world through rose coloured glasses.”  Rose coloured glasses….these really are such beautiful statements when you really think about their true meanings.  No, they don’t just mean thinking of your life as perfect looking at the world through a rose tinted filter.  La vie en rose is telling us to look at the rosey

Call It Spring

Malibu: To Style, With Love

Oh to be young and to live in California.  Sometimes we like to act out those cliche movie scenes that you see where the teenage girls jump in the little BMW and head to the beach, playing Best Coast and 311 to set the beachy mode with all of the windows rolled down to let the fresh air blow through their luscious locks.  Sometimes spending a day like this is just what you need to get you into a summery mood.  Just to throw this in, I would like to offer

  Somedays you just need a little music to perk you up.  What can I say I am one in a billion victims of feelings!  I reject them but they seem to creep up and bite me again every time.  Having the disease of feelings can be wonderful but it can also be very confusing and a little upsetting.  In order to help me recover from my terrible case of feelings I put together a playlist of songs that help me get up and get down when I realize it’s