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There are so many places all over the world to discover and explore.  When it comes to travel we often think in terms of capital cities or big booming cities of industry.  We say New York, Paris, London, Rome, Milan, Miami, Los Angeles, Tokyo.  We never think of the vast majority of the rest of all of these countries that we have yet to give a chance to explore.  Lucky for me I have a perfect tour guide as he happens to be a local.  On this day we drove

Good Morning lovely readers!  The time has come and today is the day, I am heading back off to Europe and the first stop is London Town Darling.  The time home since I got back from Copenhagen has flown by and now I’ve been trying to figure out how to put 4 cities worth of clothing into about 2 suitcases.  Yes, help me….. Anyhow, before I left I wanted to shoot this look that I picked up whilst I was in Copenhagen.  One of my favorite stores to visit while

Americana, what is the meaning of the word?  I don’t truly know I don’t wish to try and google it to find out whatever starchy, dry and incredibly shallow meaning the dictionary, know it alls on Wikipedia or people who think they are wittier than they are on UrbanDictionary would like to give to it.  Having been the token American a lot lately and venturing out to be one again it has really made me realize how truly “American” I am.  I put the word “American” in quotes because of

As I just got home from Denmark and I am setting sail again across the pond in two weeks I needed a real dose of home this week.  I needed to feel my California roots and breathe in the city that I call home.  Obviously, these desires led me to the beach as it doesn’t get much for “California Dreamin” than that.  I always head to the beach whether it’s for a drive, stroll or laying out in the sun the beach is always my go to when I need

As many of us out there are, I am wildly obsessed with beauty products and always starving to find out what’s new, fresh and going to help make me look better than ever!  There is always a hunt for that new special something to add to my makeup drawer weather its a new highlighter, perfect no smudge new lip stain or the sharpest black eyeliner ever, I am always one to try out a new product or two.  Our friends over at Sephora, aka the candy shop of all things

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