Tobi Romper

Lace Romper: To Style, With Love

I am so happy that Los Angeles is beginning to look a lot like spring time!  Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year and we are lucky enough to be leaping into it while the rest of the country is snowed-in (don’t hate, but do be jealous)!  Nothing screams spring time more than pastels, lace, sundresses and florals.  But, isn’t it boring to do the same old thing all the time?  Why not mix up your spring time staples with some closet classics.  For example: you can

ASOS Fashion Finder has recently become one of my favorite places to display my street style photos and interact with other bloggers all over the world.  It’s no secret that I love ASOS and their clothing so it’s exciting to become involved with them slowly in new ways with my blogging!  So earlier this week I was asked to do an edit of my favorite River Island pieces, especially focusing on their newest denim collection.  River Island is an amazing high street london based brand so it was not at


Good Morning lovely readers! It’s time to rise and shine and I have the perfect thing to perk you up this morning!  So maybe you have or maybe you haven’t heard of Rocksbox.  The name says it all, some rocks in a box (the good kind of rocks, if you catch my drift).  It’s a pretty simple concept that I think all of you will love.  Instead of constantly having to update your wardrobe and dole out more and more hard earned doe on pieces that go out of style

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